– The Dave Matthews Band is asking fans to help create a new video for ‘Mercy,’ the first single from their upcoming ‘Away From the World’ album, which will be released Sept. 11. Fans can go to the band’s website to find out how to submit home-made video or photography for use in the clip. [USA Today]

– In exchange for performing at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in London, Paul McCartney, the Arctic Monkeys and the other notables who appeared on global television, received a grand total of one British pound in compensation, which equates to $1.57. McCartney probably earns more than that every time he blinks. [Ultimate Classic Rock]

– The unlikely, and possibly unholy, pairing of Feist and Mastodon has released a digital version of their single, ‘A Commotion’ / ‘Black Tongue.’ The songs were first released as Record Store Day exclusives back in April. There is also a video for ‘A Commotion’ that allows fans to go back and forth between the two versions. [Death + Taxes]

Moby has re-recorded ‘Extreme Ways,’ the song that has been used as the soundtrack to the Jason Bourne movies. With ‘The Bourne Legacy’ coming out on Aug. 10, Moby felt it was time for a new version, this time with a full orchestra. [Spinner]

Jaz Coleman, the lead singer of Killing Joke, is missing. His disappearance follows a recent controversy, where someone claiming to be him insulted the Cult and the Mission UK on Facebook in advance of a tour featuring the three bands. ”He is now AWOL and has not been contacted by any of his bandmates. We are deeply embarrassed by this and offer our sincere apologies to all involved. We are all concerned about our missing singer’s welfare,” the band posted to its Facebook page. [Noisecreep]