It's a dream that many girls have growing up whether they live in the state of Texas or not, being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. For decades they have set the standard for cheerleaders in the NFL not only with their looks, but the high kicks and choreography they perform is second to none. These ladies deserve so much respect for the work they put in. That's why when I found photos dating back to the 1960s of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, I wanted to make sure you saw them too.

Last year we brought you the details about Kelee Norris, a young lady from Longview who put in the hours and it all paid off when she announced on her Instagram page that she was finally named a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. This took years and years to accomplish as Kelee was a dancer growing up, and eventually became a Kilgore College Rangerette, but all the time and effort made her dream come true. And that is just one of the many amazing stories of these talented and hard working ladies.

It's Incredible How the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Have Changed Over the Years

Obviously, one of the first things you will notice with the photos below is how the first few years were all in black and white photos. It was also interesting to me the size of the cheer team as it was only a few in the first couple of years and now there are dozens of cheerleaders wearing the Cowboys logo for each game.

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The Photos Change But the Team Pride is Always Shown

You might see hairstyles change or uniforms change, but in every photo these cheerleaders are proud to be a part of the Dallas Cowboys organization. You have to see these photos for yourself:

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Photos From the Past

These Dallas Cowboys cheerleader photos date back to the 1970s.

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