Most Dallas Cowboys fans know that ESPN's Stephen A. Smith hates on the Dallas Cowboys more than any other team in the NFL. I'm not exactly sure why he constantly bashes the Cowboys. Maybe he is a secret Cowboys fan and doesn't want the world to know? Whatever the case is, one Dallas Cowboys player is not happy with the dude. That would be cornerback Jourdan Lewis who called out Smith recently on Twitter.

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Last Thursday, January 27th, Lewis took to his Twitter account to post his dislike of Stephen A. Smith in an NSFW tweet saying, "Damn, Stephen A. a piece of s***!".

A few hours later, Lewis followed that tweet up with this.

I'm not exactly sure what made Lewis so mad. Some fans reasoned that Lewis was upset about how Smith dogged all the NBA players saying they don't live up to the legacy that Kobe Bryant built. I'm willing to bet it had nothing to do with that. I think Lewis got ticked off with this tweet from Stephen A. Smith.

I can definitely relate to how Jourdan Lewis is feeling. In fact, several years ago, I was banned from commenting on any ESPN platform because I called him a name on social media.

Photo Credit: Chaz Mcguire FB Page
Photo Credit: Chaz Mcguire FB Page

I said what I said.

I honestly don't know what the Cowboys did to Stephen A. Smith to warrant his dislike for them so much. But I can tell you this, Jourdan Lewis, you ain't wrong, sir.

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