When it comes to parking lot scuffles, the first location that comes to mind would be a Walmart parking lot—not saying that Walmart is necessarily a "bad" place to be, it's just that the energy there feels like a brutal free-for-all.

The nice thing about Target is that when compared to Walmart is that it seems like a much more peaceful place to be. It's smaller, a bit cleaner, and just feels like a nice place to be at.

But, sadly no parking lot is a true safe haven, even if it's a Target parking lot.

In a series of Facebook posts, a mother asks users if they can identify a woman who seems to of randomly confronted her teenage sons. 

attachment-Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 12.11.49 AM

In the video filmed by a friend of the poster's son, a noticeable angry woman takes a bow and tells the teenagers to "bring it" multiple times as if she was ready for a physical confrontation. The friend filming, responds with "I don't suggest putting your hands on me"

After this, the lady approaches the teenager filming and proceeds to hit him before turning and walking away.  According to Facebook comments from the teenager's mother, the lady had pushed her son as well.

In her last post regarding the incident, the mother of the teenager explained that the lady and her name had been found and the incident was being handled.

Comments on the posts expressing sympathy actually reveal that they have had similar incidents in the same Target parking lot on separate occasions with different individuals. So it turns out that anything can really happen anywhere when it comes to individuals like the one shown in this video.

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