If you head east of Abilene, you'll find the community of Clyde, Texas. The town is small but boasts big opportunities. In fact, locals refer to the town as "Clyde, America". Ever wondered why it's called that? Keep reading.

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A little-known fact about me to most is that I actually hail from the little town of Clyde, Texas. I lived there off and on until my freshman year of high school.

Back then, there was not a Whataburger, Sonic, or even a McDonald's. There were a few local eateries, and a store in the middle of town called "Howles" that all of us kids used to hang out at before and after school.

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There have been a lot of changes over the years since I have lived there. But one thing that has always remained, is that the small town has a big heart and a big-city attitude.

But, why is Clyde called "Clyde America"?

I always thought the term somewhat encompasses how the locals feel about the small town. You know, small town, but big opportunities. America!

Apparently, I was way off base.

I reached out to current Clyde Mayor, Rodger Brown to see if he had a little insight as to the origin of 'Clyde America'.

After talking to some more people the general consensus is that Clyde America was started by a DJ on KEAN in the very early 80s tied to the Hiney Winery commercial. (Rodger Brown - Mayor of Clyde)

Hiney Winery? Ok, I had to dig a little further and thought who better to give me more info on this than the great Rudy "Fearless" Fernandez who's been on KEAN since dirt was invented?

According to Rudy Fernandez

The Hiney Wine ads was a morning show bit that Bobby and Bonnie used to do in the early 80s up until 1987 after Linda Morgan (the original Bonnie) left the show. They did refer to Clyde a couple of times as Clyde America and the Hiney Wine Factory was located behind the First Baptist Church on Main Street in "Clyde America." The description of the city, factory, church, and address was fake and was part of the comedy spoof of the morning show.(Rudy Fernandez)

Rudy went on to say that Mayor Rodger Brown used the term when running for office saying he wanted to "be the mayor of Clyde America".

Well, what do you know? I have solved the case. Now you know why Clyde is referred to as "Clyde America", a term that Clyde locals have now used for years. You'll probably sleep better tonight knowing this bit of Texas history.

Big thanks to Rodger Brown for answering my emails about this. Also hats off to Rudy Fernandez for walking across the hall to tell me all of this.

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