Several comedians and actors paid tribute to a man that has made us all laugh our rear ends off for decades.  'Eddie Murphy: One Night Only', will air this Wednesday (November 14th) on Spike TV.

I've been a huge Eddie Murphy fan for as long as I remember.  His skits on Saturday Night Live are legendary, and his two comedy specials 'Delirious' and 'Raw' have paved the way for modern day stand-up comedians.

I have to admit, in recent years, his comedy has gotten a little tame, but it's always fun to look back on arguably the best comedian of our time.  And, that is exactly what Spike TV did with their latest special 'Eddie Murphy: One Night Only'.

There are a ton of comedians and actors that paid tribute to the star that made 'Goony Goo Goo', and the name Axel Foley legendary.  Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Samuel L. Jackson, and Arsenio Hall are just some of the names that paid tribute to Murphy.

The two hour special was taped a few weeks ago and will air tomorrow night (November 14th) at 9pm on Spike TV.

Below is a promo trailer of the special along with some sneak peek footage of what to expect tomorrow night.

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only Promo

Samuel L. Jackson Talks 'Coming to America'

Chris Rock Talks About the First Time He Met Eddie

Tracy Morgan Talks About Sexy Comedy