CeeDee Lamb recently got new some new ink. That's not really ground-breaking news or anything but the pure size of this massive tattoo is absolutely jaw-dropping. The full-back piece features a ton of different images including an homage to late NBA star, Kobe Bryant.

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TMZ on Twitter.
The piece was done by Andres Ortega, an artist out of Phoenix Arizona, who also posted the finished tat on his
Instagram page

Andres told TMZ that the piece took about 8 hours and that several other artists pitched in to help on the tat.

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Man, I honestly can't sit more than about 4 hours on a tat at a time. Eight hours, with several artists drilling on you at the same time, had to be slightly uncomfortable. But, the end result was absolutely sick.

My only issue with the tat is that he doesn't have the Dallas Cowboys star on it. All that ink and no star anywhere?

Aside from that, it's a killer tattoo. Now I need some new ink.

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