When it comes to marriage, or any type of long term relationship, money can be the root of some pretty jacked up arguments as far as managing your finances together. He spent this, she spent that, it's a vicious cycle that a lot of couples go through. One way that has helped my wife and I, is that we separate bank accounts.

One of the first things that my wife and I talked about after getting married was our finances. Now, some people think that once the knot is tied, you throw all the money in the pot and go from there. We decided that we would keep our separate bank accounts because it was just easier at the time. That decision was our first, and probably best decision, we made early in our marriage.

The first thing we did, was sit down and figure out all of our expenses against what we both took home. Then, we split all of the bills and figured out who would pay what. I took on the responsibility of making sure the mortgage, cars, insurance and cable is paid, while my wife makes sure that the utilities and credit cards are taken care of, as well as groceries.

Anything we have left over after bills, we pretty much get to keep. So, if she wants to do a little shopping, or I take a little trip to Vegas, it's all good, man. That way we both get to spend what is pretty much our own money and not have any sort of resentment towards each other for it.

All our bills are paid on time each month and sometimes we each get a little spending money. It just works out for us, and we haven't had a fight about money in the 4 years we've been married.

I'm not saying having separate bank accounts is for every married couple. But, if you seem to constantly fighting over money, it may be a an option for you.