5 Ways to Blow $1,000 in Abilene
What would you do if you just won $1,000 just for listening to the radio? That can actually become a reality with our cash contest.. So, if you won the money, how would you spend it? Here are 5 ways to blow $1,000 in Abilene.
Unemployed Man Finds $150K in Vegetable Garden
Here is how the cheesy late-90′s stand-up comic buried deep in our subconscious would report this story:
“Hey folks! Did you read the story in the Northwest Herald today about a guy in Illinois that found $150K in his backyard garden? Talk about growing some cabbage! Am I right folks? Th…
Belly Warbucks [VIDEO]
This man is now likely more famous than you, because he stuffed five dollars worth of quarters in his belly button and posted it on YouTube. You are probably asking "WTF?" and we are too.