Charlotte McKinney is the blonde bombshell that first appeared in a Carl's Jr commercial eating a cheeseburger with her top off. Yum. Also, she has done some modeling gigs here and there, including that famous 'Baywatch' cover for Galore magazine.

Charlotte hosted the Encore Players Club grand opening in Las Vegas. She tried her luck at a couple of games like blackjack, roulette and craps. It doesn't say if she won anything at the tables but we all came out winners with these hot photos.

Fox News slammed Charlotte for wearing the outfit to the grand opening calling it 'absurd.' The article pokes fun at the model/actress for wearing dress two sizes too small. HATERS!

I think Charlotte looks hot even when she is eating a cheeseburger in a Carl's Jr commercial. I've included this bonus clip of Charlotte working hard on the set of a swimwear photo shoot.