Everyone that knows me knows that I love coffee. Everyone that knows me knows that coffee is essential to my day. Well, the other day I ran out of coffee at home and was scrambling to get a cup of java in me before the world started spinning the opposite direction. So, my daughter and I were off to find me "fuel" when she asked "why does it matter where you get coffee?  just go to the convenient store". Well, it does matter because the perfect cup of coffee in Abilene is tough to find, so if I'm not going to pour my own cup then the person that pours it better have the good stuff. 

I'm rarely out of coffee so this little jaunt with my daughter taught me to keep a survival list in case this ever happens again. That survival list would be my top 5 favorite coffee stops in the Abilene area.

So, if you're looking for the best coffee in Abilene, then take advice from a man who knows his java.

To keep you in suspense, let's count down to number 1.

5. Work

Really? Do I have to explain this one? The coffee pot at my workplace has the same meaning as the coffee pot at your workplace. Previously we brewed up Folgers but within the past year or so I convinced everyone to switch to Dunkin' Donuts. So, now we have Jethro size bags of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the cupboards and freezer here at the Rock 108 Studios. It's not the best coffee on the planet, but it's pretty dang close. Regardless of the coffee, it's very important to have a large cup when I get to work. It is a very vital part of my day...and yours. Trust me, you hear it on the radio when I don't get my coffee.

4. Denny's

Why do I have Denny's in my top 5? Because every Sunday morning my daughter and I journey to the north side for breakfast at Denny's. Nothing on this planet is more important to me than my daughter and it's the little things that make great memories. We both always get the Grand Slamwich. She gets a smoothie and I get a cup of coffee. It's a medium roast blend that is always served at the right temperature and I have the best date a man could ask for when drinking that coffee. I can't guarantee you'll have the same experience, but if you want me and my daughter to join you for breakfast at Denny's sometime, then just holler.  There are 2 Denny's in the Abilene area. One is located in Tye and the other on the north side in Abilene. The location in Abilene is right next to the La Quinta and if I'm not mistaken, La Quinta, in Spanish, means "next to Denny's".

3. Starbucks Coffee

I'm probably gonna get cussed out and such but Starbucks gets ranked 3rd in the Best Coffee in Abilene. Yes, I had to include them on my list because they do serve a "good" cup of joe, but not great. They have more flavors and sizes than Abilene has churches and restaurants but that doesn't mean they should be #1. You hear jokes all the time about Starbucks and the price of their coffee, but the price isn't what I have a problem with...their coffee is too damn hot. Seriously, it doesn't matter how good it tastes if the lava that just poured into my mouth scalded my buds so bad I can't taste.

However, I could give them an honorary top ranking just because they serve Kona Coffee from time to time. Kona Coffee (from Hawaii) is, by far, the best coffee on the planet. Not Abilene, the whole freakin' planet. More about Kona in a bit.

Unlike the rest of the world, Starbucks isn't on every corner in Abilene, but there are 2 locations that always have great service and a laid back atmosphere. The original Abilene location is at 4150 Buffalo Gap Road and the newest is at 1389 Barrow (close to H.E.B.). I'll be honest, anytime I'm on the road, I always look for Starbucks. So, on a roadtrip ranking, Starbucks is #1. On to number 2.

2. Monks Coffee Shop

You can't go wrong with Monks if you're looking for the best coffee in Abilene. Monks doesn't have the gazillion flavors of coffee that Starbucks has but I can guarantee that every cup you drink will be fresh. Old, burned coffee can be very heavy and leave a sour taste in your mouth. At Monks, they do a good job at avoiding all of that. A really cool fact about Monks is that they buy Fair Trade Coffee (or at least they used to, been a while since I've been there). In a nutshell, many coffee houses buy coffee directly from the growers, at a higher price. This basically helps promote better working conditions. It's kind of a humanitarian effort. Trust me, there's a lot more to it but that's for a completely different post.

Aside from the fresh coffee you're guaranteed to get at Monks, you'll also get a great atmosphere that not only supports live music but local artists as well.

For a cool addition to your t-shirt collection and a chuckle or two at the bar, you can always buy a "Keep Abilene Boring" t-shirt from Monks Coffee Shop. Just click the picture to check out their catalog. When you're visiting downtown Abilene, make sure you stop in and say hi to the nice folks at Monks Coffee Shop. They are located at 233 Cypress. I know a lot of college students that frequent Monks to get away from the chaos, so if you're a local student, you can't go wrong with the atmosphere at Monks. Now on to number 1.

1. Mezamiz Coffee House

I absolutely love Mezamiz Coffee House. They have a menu that will rival Starbucks in size, but definitely not price. They also serve a nice variety of pastries and sandwiches. And like Monk's, they also support live music with performances from many local musicians. Even though their coffee is always perfect in taste, body, and temperature; I'd have to say the overall experience is what makes Mezamiz my top pick as best coffee in Abilene. Walking into Mezamiz is like going home. It's comfortable. I love the many windows, comfy chairs, the patio that overlooks Elm creek, the serenity of the courtyard, the art from local artists, the different walks of life in their customers, and yes, the coffee is pretty dang good. You don't feel cramped in Mezamiz like you do in many other coffee shops and you're always greeted by the nicest people on the planet. Even better, Mezamiz Coffee House is located just down the road from Rock 108 at 3909 South 7th.

So, there you have it friends, that's my top 5 list of the best coffee in Abilene. Now, on to the best coffee in the world...Kona coffee. Kona coffee comes from Hawaii and only Hawaii. Don't be fooled when you see "Kona flavored" coffee. That means someone is trying to fool you by putting that name on the package. Don't be fooled by coffee that has the word "Hawaii" on it. Again, another marketing ploy. Nothing compares to Kona. If you truly love the flavor of coffee and don't need to kill it with stupid flavors, sugar and other crap like that, then grab yourself a cup of Kona coffee. I get my Kona fix by ordering my coffee from Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company.

Get yourself some, you'll be glad you did.

Where do you enjoy a cup of joe in the Abilene area?