Last week, I revealed my list of best cheap restaurants in Abilene - Top 10.  This week, we look back at some of your responses for the best cheap restaurants in Abilene - listener picks. Once again, there are plenty of places in Abilene to get a nice cheap meal.  Cheap, in this case, doesn't mean you are getting a second rate meal by any means.  It just simply means good food for a cheap price.  As I mentioned, last week, I gave you my top 10 best cheap restaurants in Abilene.  This week, we look at what some of your favorite cheap restaurants in Abilene.

Here are your picks in no particular order:

1.Patterson’s Restaurant:

Ky Stevens picked Patterson's Restaurant. Located at 4116 North 1st, Patterson’s Restaurant offers up old fashioned home style breakfast, lunch and dinner.  From olmets and other breakfast platters to chicken fried steak, hamburgers or grilled pork chops for lunch or dinner, you can get a good cheap meal from Patterson’s Restaurant.

2. Alredo's Mexican Restaurant:

Michael Corley likes him some mexican food. With three locations to choose from, Alfredo's not only has some good mexican food, but you can get it a cheap price. I like their carne asada burritos the best myself but whatever you get at Alfredo's, whether it be the enchiladas, taco, breakfast burritos and more, you'll get good mexican food at a low price.

3. Little Italy: If you like good Italian food at a great price, check out Little Italy.  Marci Braden posted on facebook that she likes the Eggplant Parmesan lunch special  which you can get for $5.95 and include a trip to their salad bar plus their fresh bread.  Little Italy is located at 1417 South Danville. 4. Little Panda:

Amber Ray commented that she likes Little Panda.  My wife and I will have to agree because not only do they serve some good chinese food, but at a very affordable price.  Not to mention they deliver.  Most entrees you can get for less than $6 including Beef Pepper Steak (my favorite), Chicken with Broccoli, Sesame Seed Pork and more.  If you go for the shrimp, it's about a $1 more.  All in all though, for less than $8-$10 bucks, you can get some delicious chinese food for cheap. Good call, Amber!  Little Panda is located at 1035 N. Judge Ely Blvd.

5.  Fazoli's:

Amenda Palacio listed Fazoli's as one of here favorite cheap restaurants in Abilene - and for good reason.  From oven baked pasta, fresh salads to  pizza, and oven baked sub's, Fazoli's offers up some awesome italian food, at a cheap price.  In fact, a lot of what you can get from Favoli's is under $10. Plus, their breadsticks are amazing! Check out Fazoli's at 4066 S. Danville.

6. Cotton Patch Cafe:

Talk about great home-style food at a cheap price, check out Cotton Patch Cafe.  Whether you want some of you favorite grilled items like sirloin steak or maybe a traditional dish like chicken fried steak, you can pretty much get anything at Cotton Patch Cafe.  A lot of items on their menu you can get for less than $10 like their premium steak house burgers, chicken fried steak, or even meatloaf.  On Monday's, you can get their mouth watering chicken fried steak for $6.99. Good eating at a cheap price, it's Cotton Patch Cafe.

7. Stumpy's Cafe:

I have heard a lot about Stumpy's.  Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of trying what some in Abilene say is "the best burger in town". Thomas Anderson picked Stumpy's as one of his favorite cheap restaurants in Abilene. Stumpy's, at 820 S. Treadaway, offers up burgers, brats and has daily specials with most meals under $10. I will definitely check out Stumpy's.

8. Abilene Seafood Tavern:

Erik Ramos says Abilene Seafood Tavern has some great lunch specials.  After digging around, I will have to concur, though I have yet to eat there. Every day, Abilene Seafood Tavern has lunch specials from $699 to $8.99.  So, for less than $10, you can get fish tacos, chicken fried pork, blackened grilled or fried catfish, popcorn shrimp, chicken fried steak or   whole lot more. Check out Abilene Seafood Tavern at 1882 S. Clack.

9. Luigi's Burgers & Subs:

Located at 101 Sayles, Luigi's cooks up burgers, hot dogs, subs and more.  Chris Sanchez says the burgers are huge and one of the biggest in Abilene. Right now, get a half pound burger starting at only $3, a half pound hamburger basket for $5.99, or a footlong beef, turkey, or ham sub for $5.50. You can drive thru or dine in at Luigi's.

There are many more restaurants in Abilene that offer up some cheap eats.  If you have any more suggestions, feel free to list them here.