Earlier this morning we learned that Governor Greg Abbott ordered all Texas bars to close by noon (6/26) and restaurants should scale down to 50% capacity, by Monday. This, of course, due to the rising number of positive Covid-19 cases throughout the state.

You can bicker about politics all you want, but I'm here offering solutions.

What's my solution? Party Trucks.

You see, when bars are closed, their employees are left without a consistent means of income and customers are left without a watering hole.

With party trucks, you get the best of both worlds. The bartenders can remain employed and the customers still get their favorite drinks - but delivered right to their driveway.

Heck, these party trucks can set up in cul-de-sacs all across suburban American slangin' the tastiest margaritas, jager-bombs, and ice cold Bud Light just like the ice cream trucks, but without the creepy music blaring through blown speakers.

Heck, with party trucks roaming residential sections, you won't have to worry about those barflies drinking and driving. Another bonus.

Now, can someone legally sell alcohol out of a vehicle? From the research I've done, it doesn't appear to be possible as these mobile food/drink vendors don't meet the minimum requirements of the TABC. It looks like the biggest roadblock is seating as the truck owner must be able to provide "adequate seating", with access to toilets, for its customers.

I actually posed this statement on social media and some have replied that their cities have "booze trucks". However, after further research, it appears those trucks are only permitted to conduct business at private events and festivals. Basically, it's like those dry towns that have restaurants that make you purchase a "membership" to drink there. Same concept.

So, while my idea is still in its infancy, I believe it is a very viable option. If you feel compelled to fund my venture, I'll let you handle all the legal mumbo-jumbo while I look pretty serving up Blood Mary's to the hungover folk that decided to skip church.

Have a great day and #BeAGoodHuman

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