A newborn baby has officially been named 'Korn' after a hospital made in error when producing the birth certificate. Or at least that's what one Twitter user claimed happened to them, having uploaded a small section of the certificate as proof before setting their account to private once the news began to trend.

We'll give you a minute to internally make your own wisecracks about baby corn, the vegetable, and baby Korn, the person. Moving along now...

In a rare instance where utilizing the caps lock feature is absolutely justified, the mother of the child tweeted, forsaking proper grammar, "THE HOSPITAL MESSED UP MY BABYS NAME AND WE JUST GOT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND ITS KORN MY BABYS NAME IS LEGALLY KORN."

No further information about the newborn Korn is available, but a screenshot of the original tweet can be seen below, alongside a clever joke made by another Twitter user, suggesting the baby's incoherent babbling will be mistaken for Jonathan Davis' scat singing.

On a more serous note, the error made by the hospital must be a frustrating one and we hope the family is able to quickly sort out the mistake and receive a corrected version of the birth certificate. What a story to tell when this child grows older though.

Meanwhile, Korn (the band), recently wrapped up the writing sessions for their follow-up record to 2019's The Nothing, as confirmed by Davis.

Tweet Shows Newborn Baby Is Legally Named 'Korn'

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