Abilene Police Department is turning to the public for help in identifying a man who was caught on camera beating the heck out of an ATM machine.

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We've all been there at least once, right? You think you have a certain amount of money in the bank, but then you get to the ATM and you don't have squat. I'm not sure that this is what caused the man to snap and take a tire iron to the machine. But, be honest, you've thought about it, right?

In the video, you see a man pull up in a car, get out, and then retrieve a tire iron. What happens next is what is only seen in ATM horror movies, he began beating the machine as if it owed him money from a betting deal gone bad.

The Abilene Police Department posted the video on Facebook and wants to identify this man before he strikes again.

Police are asking for public assistance to identify this male who is captured on surveillance video causing extensive damage to an ATM machine located on Sayles Blvd. on September 18, 2022. Call Abilene Crime Stoppers if you have information. (325) 676-8477 (TIPS)(APD Facebook)

Video of Man Beating ATM With Tire Iron

As you can see in the video, the dude smacks the ATM machine with the tire iron about 7 times before he quickly gives up, gets in his car, and drives off.

What did that ATM do to make that dude snap like that? Was he just "testing the waters" to see how easy it would be to beat up that poor ATM machine? I feel like if he really wanted to get into that machine, he would have hit it way more than 7 times.

In any case, what he did is attempted robbery which is a bit on the illegal side of things. So if you know this man, contact the Abilene Police Department.

Editors Note: We sure love the music that APD uses in their videos! 

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