According to the most recent FBI data, Abilene appears to be the 7th most dangerous city in Texas.

The agency analyzes total crime rates, including violent and property crimes, then calculates their rate of occurrence per 100,000 residents.

The data provided is from 2014 and is the most current set of complete data from the bureau. So, in essence, the FBI is a year behind.

So, on a 'per capita' basis, Abilene seems to have jumped up 9 spots, from the rank of 16 the previous year, to number 7. The data also shows that these numbers are based on crimes committed in the town's respective metropolitan area (which includes some surrounding towns and counties).

Here's the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Texas:

  1. Odessa
  2. Lubbock
  3. Texarkana
  4. San Antonio
  5. Amarillo
  6. Laredo
  7. Abilene
  8. San Angelo
  9. Houston
  10. McAllen

So, in this instance, it's good to not be number one!


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