Over the weekend, someone posted a video to LiveLeak claiming a creepy clown tried to break into his home. Personally, the video looks fake. What do you think?

In now way am I making light of the 'real' clown stories, but from the looks of this video, it just seems too good to be true.

The LiveLeak user, IceColdTexan1964, claims the clown tried to break into his home around 2am Sunday morning.

There are a few things that makes this look super staged. The first is the amount of light in this video. I mean, the quality of video, thanks to all of the lights, is incredible. Granted, people leave lights on at night as a means of security. But, the lighting looks absolutely perfect for this video. There isn't any poor lighting in the video.

Another thing that makes me think it's fake is the clown is showing no sense of urgency in this video. There are multiple vehicles at this home, and there are more lights on than a Griswold's Christmas display, and the 'clown' is strolling around without a care in the world.

Oh, and ironically, the LiveLeak user created his/her account with the video website just a couple of days before the video was posted. Just seems fishy that shortly after creating an account, he/she all of the sudden had a viral video to post.

Finally, everyone knows that clowns surprise you with flowers that squirt water, not large kitchen knives.

Based on all of the comments on the video's page, everyone thinks the video is fake.

Like I said, I'm not making light of the real 'clown threats', I just don't think this is one of those occasions. If it is, hopefully the cops will catch him/her/it.

Let us know - is it real or fake?