Abilene has another sports bar to frequent for cold beer, delicious food, and, of course, sports. As a matter of fact, this new sports bar is located in a familiar place, but you won't recognize it from the inside.

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Sideline Sports Bar is the new place and it's located at 3450 South Clack.

Now, why does that address sound familiar? Well, that's where the old Legacy bar was located or as the locals call it, the Dirty Leg. Trust me, this ain't the dirty leg you used to know. While the exterior may appear the same, the inside is totally different.

Owned and operated by Jason Sanchez, who also owns Tequilas Night Club, Sideline Sports Bar is "the best way in Abilene to watch sports with an ice-cold beverage and a plate of tacos".

Sideline Sports Bar is located in The Inn & Suites at 34 Fifty, so if you have too much to drink, just stumble over to the front desk and grab yourself a room for the evening.

Check out the gallery below to see what it looks like inside the new place. I think you'll really dig what they've done there.


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