Here is another story that gets my blood boiling. Overstepping boundaries to forward your own agenda. A school in Virginia has expelled a couple of 7th graders for using airsoft guns; on their own property, before school.

I don't think so! The boys Khalid Caraballo, 12, and his friend, Aidan, were playing in their own front yard with airsoft guns while waiting on the school bus. The home is 70 feet from the bus stop by the way. They began shooting at a target they had placed in a tree, then a few of them started shooting each other. A neighbor, watching from a window, decided to call 911, for what I'm still not sure, she even told the dispatcher that the gun was not real.

The boys see the bus coming, they put the guns away and head to the bus stop. They get on the bus, get to school and are then pulled out of class and suspended and are now awaiting a hearing to see if they will be expelled for the year. The reason given for their suspension was "possession, handling and use of a firearm" They did not take the guns on the bus nor to school with them. They were left at the home.

What jurisdiction does the school have to suspend or expel these students from school when the guns were never on school property? The school says the boys were shooting at kids standing 10 feet from the bus stop, which the boys have denied, but that still doesn't give them the right to suspend or expel these kids. They were NOT on school property. They were in their own yard. Even the city ordinance on discharging guns like an airsoft gun is not clear.

I hope, that these kids can return to school, because this is a gross over reach of school policy, in my opinion.

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