It was 20 years ago today that Mike Tyson did something no one expected. Yeah, let that statement sink in. One of the most unpredictable men on the planet, did something that still shocked people. He bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear. (Video courtesy of JoblessNormal9)

And just in case you don't remember, Mike Tyson was brutal in the ring. Of course, he was also brutal out of the ring. Just ask some of the ladies in his life. There isn't footage of those knockouts, but there is of these.

Tyson ended his career with 58 total fights.

  • 50 wins (44 by knock out)
  • 6 losses (5 by knock out)
  • 2 no contests
  • 1 ear bit off

And looking at Mike Tyson's Wikipedia page if would seem that the Blackstreet song Booti Call written about his rape trial and conviction. (Video courtesy of Malik Silas Jefferson)



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