With Car-Walk finally here, I have been seeing so many classic cars on the streets of Abilene. Every time I see a really hot car, one question keeps popping up in my head. The one question that car enthusiasts argue over, time and time again. Heck, it even started several fist fights back in my old Abilene High School days. Are you a Bow-Tie (Chevrolet) , Pony-car (Ford) or Mopar (Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth) person?

I’ve often posed this question to myself, “Do I have what it takes to force myself into restoring a Mustang or Challenger?” I was raised a Chevy guy. It wasn’t until I wanted a pickup truck that I hopped the fence over to Ford, and I’ve been there ever since. But then again it’s a truck. It’s not a muscle car and if it were a muscle car, I’d be more inclined to put on the Chevy bow-tie again.

I just called  my life-long friend Rocky and I got the response I expected from him, “Nope if it’s not a Mustang I ain’t touching it!”

Listen to what Rocky says


How about my life-long friend Alan who’s only, a Mopar man. I once took my Ford pick-up truck to to his gas station to get it inspected, when I got my truck back from Alan, it was covered in ‘Mopar’ stickers, one even boasted, “Yeah, it’s got a Hemi”.

Listen to what Alan had to say


How does this Happen? Can a person ever change? If so what happens? Okay, pick one and now, once and for all we will find out which one is more popular. Get all your family and friends to vote too.