You didn’t miss anything, I forgot to put up a blog for week 1. It’s always a little tough to keep the players straight in the early weeks anyways. So, since Survivor is in my top 2 shows, I thought I’d start capsulizing the episodes for you. Read more after the break.

The “Redemption Island” theme continues this season (there are two “seasons” per year).  Not only do survivors who are voted out given a second chance to re-enter the game, once again two vets were brought in as team captains.  The vets are “Ozzy” who is one of the winning-est players in challenges and “Coach” who was known for his eccentric behavior and wild stories that may or may not be true.

After the teams were assigned those that got “Coach” were clearly disappointed.  Then it looked like things were going to go Ozzy’s way with a quick reward challenge win. Things changed when things when everybody went back to camp.  Ozzy took a real hippie-ish “let’s blow of the work and just bond approach” while Coach helped everybody learn the ropes on building a camp.  Simply put, “Coach” became a teacher while Ozzy failed to step up and lead.  This resulted in Coach’s team winning the first immunity challenge and Ozzy’s team having to vote the first person out.

Now here we are in week two and one of the tiny subplots we’re dealing with is, one of the members of Coaches team is the nephew of famous Survivor villain Russell Hantz. He’s been hiding tattoos two tattoos with the family name on him and it’s killing him.  The other Survivors know he’s hiding something, but they don’t know what. He’s now confided in Coach as to his identity. There’s also something weird about the kid; he’s a born again Christian who’s convinced that one of the young girls is a “temptress” and must  be voted out (uh, just don’t look at her if she makes you horny dude)

Ozzy found his tribes hidden immunity idol, the other tribe still hasn’t found theirs.  Going into the immunity/luxury competition (combined) Coach’s team blew a huge lead and Ozzy’s team won.  Ozzy’s bunch now has blankets, a hammock and other comforts while Coach’s team now must vote someone out.

After a weird tribal council that led to Russell’s nephew confessing a big lie, Christine was voted out (she had been caught looking for, but not finding the immunity idol), but  Mr Hantz probably won’t last long after exposing himself.

The preview for next weeks edition is leading to believe it that Ozzy will blow it big time.

Survivor is Wednesday nights at 7!