The Zombie Games in Buffalo Gap Have Been Canceled
Due to scheduling conflicts and circumstances beyond their control the Buffalo Gap Historical District, has canceled the Zombie Run. Heather Reed Site Manager said "although the games are canceled for now, we're not sure if the games may return later in the year."
Survivor Week Four: The Killing Floor
Survivor week four. “He’s got Hantz in his pants and he needs to dance.”
The episode started with Ozzie’s tribe plotting against each other. A couple have teamed up to oust “Elyse” a girl they suspect may be a lit…
Wes’s Survivor Blog Week 2
You didn’t miss anything, I forgot to put up a blog for week 1. It’s always a little tough to keep the players straight in the early weeks anyways. So, since Survivor is in my top 2 shows, I thought I’d start capsulizing the episodes for you. Read more…