Admit it, when you hear the word 'dong', you giggle. Heck, I just did. The word 'dong' is kind of like a fart. It makes us laugh.

Well, did you know there are a few instances in which using the word 'dong' isn't dirty?

Yeah, me neither...until now

  • 1

    Vietnamese Currency

    It appears over in Vietnam, their unit of currency is called the "Dong". Our dollar has higher value than their dong.

    Basically, they have weak dong in Vietnam.

  • 2

    Second Sound of a Doorbell

    Many homes are equipped with a doorbell, which typically has 2 sounds. The first is ding and the second is dong.

  • 3

    The Delicious Cupcake

    Chocolate cake with creamy filling may sound dirty, but it's not. This is a delicious snack made by Hostess.