The 'Bro Code' is the unwritten (until now) set of rules that guys (bros) abide by. Breaking said code can come with stiff penalties like being forced to buy the next round of drinks. Well, Michael, Sanchez, Chaz and I talk about the Bro Code and even add a few rules to the Bro Code.

Listen to The Men's Room talk about the Bro Code

The 'Bro Code' has been around for centuries, but has been made famous by Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother".

Barney is the King of all Bros!

One of our Bro's emailed with this addition to the Bro Code:
For that guy that just shows up, no invite, and empty-handed: simply rally around him and everybody suggest that he buys Whataburger for the night. OR, announce that “Bobby” showed up to a shot-glass party and didn’t bring a shot glass, point and laugh, inviting everybody else to laugh with you. The shame should drive him out. If that fails, kick him in the pants, explain that we do not support the local douche union.