What is the "Beer Institute"? Well, according to their website, they "represent the $246.5 billion beer industry. An industry that includes more than 2,800 breweries and 2 million jobs."

What does that mean? You got me. Maybe that means they like beer as much as I do.

Well, regardless, they recently released the findings of research into the consumption of beer in America. According to said research, the average American drank just over 300 beers last year.

So, it appears I must be well above-average. See mom, told you I was special.

According to their research, no state drank more beer per resident that North Dakota, where the average person drank 45.8 gallons of beer. That serves out to about 490 cans of brewski. I take it there isn't much to do in North Dakota, besides drink beer.

Even though I feel like I'm above-average, in relation to the American beer drinker, I am somewhat ashamed of Texas. We came in at number nine on the list. We should have been in the top three, easily.

I mean c'mon, how many of our 'hey yall, watch this' stories were preceded by 'hold my beer'?

Well, looks like Texans drank 34.4 gallons (per legal drinking resident), which measures out to almost 375 beers. Not too shabby, but we can definitely do better.

All in all, the average legal drinking American chugged away 28.2 gallons of beer last year. That means just over 300 cans of beer.

Regardless of what The Beer Institute really is, to me, it sounds like a kick ass party school. I wonder if they'll enroll older, plumper students, like myself.

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