Scott Brown of Scooter Brown Band, and Josh Pitts have established the Hero Hike that will raise money to send wounded veterans on Elk hunts in Western Colorado in memory of former SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle. This is a 96.5 mile hike, along the Lone Star Trail, that will start March 25th and conclude March 30th.

Scott was a personal friend of Chris Kyle, the former Navy SEAL, killed last February in Glen Rose, Texas at a gun range. Scott and Chris went on this particular Elk hunt in Colorado last year and had planned a return trip this year. Unfortunately that won't be happening. However, this year Scott wants to take along someone in Chris' place, and in his honor, on the trip. It will be a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan and Scott says this year it will be a Marine. Scott is a former Marine and served in Iraq.

The money raised along the trip will help pay for airfare, lodging, food, elk tags, apparel, ammo, a new rifle and whatever else might be needed to fulfill their needs during the hunt.

US. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was a very good friend of mine. Chris & I took part in an Elk hunt Sept. 2012 via Base Camp 40 Warriors in the Wild. (501c3) It was an unbelievable experience. Chris loved it so much he was coming back just to volunteer for the 2013 season.

I will be hiking 96.5 miles of the Lone Star Trail. My goal by hiking this trail is to raise money to send other Texas veterans in Chris's place to hunt. Money raised will pay for air fair, food, lodging, Elk tag, guide, new rifle, ammunition, hunting gear and apparel, taxidermy, meat processing & shipping meat from Colorado to Texas. My goal is to pay for at least 1 warrior and extra money will go to taking care of the other 8-10 hunters the program will have on the mountain.

For more information on the Hero Hike you can check out the Scooter Brown website, Facebook page or the Base Camp 40. Warrior's in the Wild Facebook page.