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Ways to Have Fun at Work – The Morning After Top 10
Whether you're planning an April Fool's Day joke on a co-worker or just like to have a good ol' time any day of the week, it's good to have an arsenal of pranks or ways to have fun at work. Which is why we're focusing on the Top 10 Ways to Have Fun at Work this week.
The Rules of Bacon – The Morning After Top 10
Everyone who knows me knows I love bacon. I truly believe bacon is the most essential item of food known to to beer. Then again, who doesn't love bacon? Well, I took my love of bacon and turned it into my latest Top 10 list. The Top 10 Rules of Bacon.
Reasons Why It’s Good to be a Man – The Morning After Top 10
Rarely will you hear a guy say "I sure wish I was a woman, they've got it so much better". No, ladies, we understand you have it tougher than us guys. You were built to handle certain things, like the pain of childbirth, better than men. That doesn't mean we regret being men. Heck, we love…