Like many of you, I'm a product from the 80s. I lived through the mullet era (had one myself), I wore terrible clothes and I went to the movies every Friday night. Most of the time, the movie theater was a place to hang out with friends, but we also saw some of the best and cheesiest movies ever produced. Without those movies, I wouldn't have learned some of the most valuable lessons and truths of life. So, the latest top 10 focuses on 'Things I Learned from Cheesy 80's Movies'.

For example:

  • Smart people wear thick glasses, button-down shirts, and slacks. Dumb people wear football uniforms.
  • Parents always come back from vacation a day early.
  • Cheerleaders hate having their shirts on.

Listen to the entire Top 10 here:

One of the most famous scenes from movies in the 80s was the 'crane kick' in the original Karate Kid. Check it out below.