8 Sexy Guinness World Records
The ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement is the Guinness Book of World Records. Some Guinness World Records are shocking. Some are insane. More than a few are downright disgusting. There are some Guinness World Records that are damn hot
Hunks: A Salute to our Lady Rockers [PHOTOS]
For years, we have featured "babes" on our website, because, well, babes and rock go hand in hand. Right? Well, if it were up to Heathen and Pain, our site would be nothing but babes...preferable nude. If it were up to a few of our lady rockers, our site would be nothing but hunks.
Cheerleaders Of All Flavors [PHOTOS]
I firmly believe ALL sports of ALL levels of competition need cheerleaders.  Seriously, think about how much more fun golf would be if there were cheerleaders.  Every sport needs cheerleaders...and here are many reasons why!