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Rock Show Photo Bombs Wichita Falls [PICS]
The term "photobomb" usually applies to someone sneaking into a picture and doing something silly in the background. With the Rock Show, any picture they put their ugly mugs in is a "photobomb". These are from the Avalanche Tour in Wichita Falls. The basic cast of characters a…
Calvin Kline Controversy [PHOTO]
Some are claiming that Calvin is putty a subliminal dirty word in it's latest billboard campaign. Can you see it? More after the jump.
Rock Show Threesome 4.19.11 [AUDIO]
Here's three audio bits of our morning show. We had them surgically removed just to please you. Learn, laugh and love our pain. Audio after the jump.
Avalanche Tour In Wichita Falls [PHOTOS]
The Rock Show made it to the Avalanche Tour in Wichita Falls to party with our sister station 106.3 The Buzz. We have a ton of pics, here's some from the later, drunker part of the night.
Rockshow Road Trip [PICS]
The Rock Show recently took a road trip to see the Avalanche tour (because seeing it once just wasn't going to be enough). These pics are on the way to the Wichita Falls stop and include some of the scorched earth our firefighters have been battling. In the pics are Heathen, Wes, Simon, Wood,…
Rockshow Threesome 4.18.11 [VIDEO]
Some people like to grab life by the horns. We like to grab those horns and go "ahh-oooo-ga". Enjoy some audio clips from the show after the jump.
The End Of The World
Have you seen the Billboards proclaiming that Judgement day is just around the corner? I have some thoughts on this subject after the jump.
Rockshow Threesome 4.14.11 [AUDIO]
Here's some snippets from Thursdays show.  We hope you can survive their breathtaking beauty.  Good luck.
Break in at the zoo.
Things not to cook when you're naked.
One legged man kicks ass. Seriously.
Rockshow Threesome 4.13.11 [AUDIO]
Today's show was a WOOLYBOOGER!  Don't know what a woolybooger is?  Then maybe you should listen and find out.
Dance break. New Buns.
3 Things you are doing wrong.
Things you can't unhear.
I Love You Phillip Morris On DVD [VIDEO]
Funny is funny. I can accept funny no matter where it comes from. In this movie it comes from Jim Carrey switching sexual sides mid-life. More details and the trailer after the jump.

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