Some California church has been buying up billboards proclaiming that May 21st is the end of the world. Now this brings up a number of thoughts. First, I'll be the billboard company demanded payment in advance. Second, I'll bet there some Mayan angels who supposedly predicted some time in December as the end of the world channeling Get Smart by saying, "missed it by THIS much".

Now I doubt you're going to believe me over some Bible Math or Dead Indians, but nothing is going to happen. People will realize that the Mayan calendar renews (a fact) on that date and does not end, and the California crazies will say that God in his infinite wisdom chose to give us more time.

I think it's wise to always try to live life to it's fullest. I DON'T think it's right for ANYONE to try to convert you to their cause, even if they truly believe in it, by spreading fear. The concept that a loving superior being would create something only to violently snuff it out just doesn't work for me. If you do believe that it's all about to end, however, keep in mind that since the final end is supposed to be December 21, or 23rd or whatever, please feel free to max out your credit cards buying me gifts, you won't have to pay anyways.