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Hot Instagram Girl of the Week – Jenna Compono
Just think about how many Victoria's Secret magazines are saved from total destruction each year because of social media. We're doing our part by giving you a Hot Instagram Girl of the Week. Save a tree and check out the hot Jenna Compono.
Pac-Man Enters the Real World In Creative Short Film [VIDEO]
It isn’t easy being Pac-Man. Having to live with a perpetual hunger for floating yellow dots while being chased by color changing apparitions is the kind of thing that we take for granted NOT having to deal with everyday.
The guys at Respect The Pact created the short film below, givi…
MTV’s Insane ‘Real World’ Cast Contract Revealed
Most reality show participants have to sign extensive waivers and agree to terms not seen since the days of indentured servitude.
Recently, the Village Voice got its hands on the 30-page contract required of the people appearing on MTV‘s long-running ‘Real World’ series and, as expected, it’s positiv…