Helpful Dog Goes Grocery Shopping for His Owner [VIDEO]
A dog in China has been trained by his owner to go to local stores with a shopping list and then bring groceries home. When he does get back, the pup is justly rewarded with tasty treats like sausages and ice cream. A dog who is cute and runs errands? Where do we get one of those? All ours does is s…
Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers In Heartwarming Montage [VIDEO]
Is there anything more adorable than a dog greeting its owner? How about a dog greeting its owner after they return home from military deployment? We dare you to watch this supercut of lovable pooches welcoming their owners home from military service and not get choked up.
Dog in Tank Costume Wins PetSmart Halloween Contest [VIDEO]
While pets are usually ambivalent about the Halloween costumes their owners dress them in, Tangent the chihuahua seems pretty pleased with the added firepower of his spiffy tank get up.
The tank, which took first prize at the local Petsmart’s Halloween contest, features a gun that lig…

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