Nintendo revealed their new game controller called the Wii U for their new game console  earlier today at the E3 expo in California. Click through to check out the video of this latest bad ass controller.

What iss the Wii U? Well, the actual console looks a lot like the Wii. It’s white, similarly sized, and has that familiar blue light you see on the disc drive. In fact, you might even think it was a regular Wii until you actually look at the controller.

The Wii U controller is designed to take the place of your TV. The new controller has a large 6.2-inch  touchscreen  on it, front and rear cameras, a microphone, speakers, and vibration. In addition,  the Wii U controller is two-handed featuring two shoulder buttons, two trigger buttons, a directional pad, two control sticks, four face buttons, and start/select.

Basically, this new controller does everything except go grab you a beer from the refrigerator.  It's like two game consoles in one.

You can get more info about this controller on Nintendo's website.

Now check out the video.

So, what do you think of the new Wii U? I've already put it on my Christmas list.