Whether this is just because they’re nice guys, or maybe there’s a little guilt over a missing student (read below), Metallica has done a cool quick intro for Virginia Tech football. Here’s what happened: Since 2000 VT has been using “Enter Sandman” as the intro for the team to storm the field. So a couple years ago or so, a freshman came to school and heard the song and saw the energy that the stadium had when the song played. So he calls his dad who used to work at EMI, the record label. So after connections with people, and some people’s people, and then some other people something happened. And we end up with the awesome guys in the band filming a short custom intro that you see here.

Now back to the possible guilt. Some of you may remember Morgan Harrington who disappeared from a Metallica show. She was a Virginia Tech student at the time of her disappearance. Her body was later found and the police are still looking for the killer. So maybe in a way the guys were trying to help a community heal as well as pump up a football program. Either way, good job guys!