Just when you thought there was no possible way Linkin Park could get any bigger or saturate the marketplace anymore; they've now teamed up with Dell computers for their own limited edition PC.

This special Linkin Park Edition features exclusive, custom-made Linkin Park Sounds, the full version of Open Labs’ Music OS software, and high performance Dell XPS 17 laptops and 2320 All in One devices.

The software, Music OS, gives musicians the ability to create, perform and share their own songs and comes packed with sounds provided by Linkin Park. According to Linkin Park, fan club members get access to a ton of extras that will enhance this PC and software.

Even though this isn't something I'd go out and buy, I can definitely see how this will put a gleam in the eyes of musicians looking to get more of an electronic sound to their music.

Whatever happened to selling just t-shirts and posters?

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