This what rocking Irish music sounds like. Out of Quincy Massachusetts, It’s The Dropkick Murphys! The boys combine traditional Irish instruments with a punk sensibility to give you a real Irish “working mans” sound. You’ve heard their music in the movies “Boondock Saints” and their biggest hit “Shipping Off To Boston” was featured in the movie “The Departed”. The ‘Murphs are said to be returning to the recording studio following their annual St Pats shows this weekend. More after the jump.

Here’s another cool bit of trivia about the Dropkick Murphy’s biggest hit, it’s occasionally used when the “closer” comes in at Boston Red Sox home games.

I’m Shipping Off To Boston






If you have never heard what would be called an “Irish Punk Rock Song”, you would imagine this next song.  It’s the perfect song to play at the bar when you want to hear the sound of glass breaking.

Drink & Fight

So, what kind of love song do you write when you’re a “drunk Irish punk”?  The answer is next.

Kiss Me I’m Sh!tfaced

And closing our our tribute to St. Pats and the Dropkick Murphys  is an excellent version of a gospel classic.

Amazing Grace