Most of you know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer just one year ago. I went in for my first ever mammogram at the age of 40, that led to a sonogram, another mammogram and finally a biopsy that determined the lump in my left breast was cancerous. Maybe if I had had this app and video I would have gotten my mammogram earlier.

I know they say 40 is the ideal age to start having mammograms regularly; I feel it should be as early as age 35. When mine was detected it was already a Stage 2. Anyway, if I can give you a fun way to remind yourself to go have a mammogram then all the better. Just go get checked.

This is an app for your iPhone or Android that you can download to remind you to go get checked. It's called "Your Man Reminder" and features a group of hot looking guys that remind you to Touch, Look, Check or TLC. It's noted in the first video that women are more likely to watch a video featuring a hot guy than to discuss the subject of self-breast exams. So here you go ladies watch the video, have a laugh, download the app and then please go get your mammograms!

Rethink Breast Cancer Presents: Your Man Reminder

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