Who says that good Samaritans don’t exist? Today a small red Dachshund was being delivered to the Rescue the Animals shelter, when he escaped and ran away, fast (future wienie dog race champion in the making). The Abilene Animal Shelter and Rescue the Animals (R.T.A.) quickly put out an attempt to locate, the little dog was last seen being picked up near the Winters Freeway and North First street. That’s not where the story ends though. A man at Frontier Motors near 4500 Block North First street said he saw someone stop and pick up the little dog, to keep him from being run over in traffic. The dog was last seen wearing a green vest and had his leash on. The folks at R.T.A. and the Abilene Animal Shelter thought they’d seen the last of the little red dachshund (I’ll call him Speedy) . Approximately twenty minutes after his daring escape, Speedy was being turned into the Abilene Animal Shelter. Amazingly that is exactly, about how long it takes to drive directly from the point where the dog was picked up to the animal shelter. I am quite sure now, that is why we have there ‘Dachshund Races’ every year. Update, Speedy is now in a new home, with good fences I hope.

Is it me or are little dogs faster than big dogs? Do you have a good dog story?