AMC's The Walking Dead has probably turned into my favorite TV show to watch.  So, I think it's pretty cool to be able to go behind the scenes and find out how they do certain things like chopping arms off, or making zombies.  Check out this behind the scenes footage of the making of latest episode 'I Ain't Judas'.

First of all, if you still haven't watched the latest episodes, there will be some spoilers for you.

In the latest episode, Andrea finally ditches The Governors little compound, to go back to her friends at the prison to try to stop the war that is brewing between the two places.  In one scene, Andrea is in the woods trying to get 'walker' so that she could use it as a decoy to the other walkers, making her trip to the prison easier.  What does Andrea do?  She chops off both arms, does a ghetto jaw smash, and totally jacks it up.  This chick has got some skills!

Anyway, so if you were wondering about how they were able to pull all of that off with special effects, as well as Tyrese's hammer kill, you can wonder no longer with this behind the scenes footage of The Walking Dead.

Inside The Walking Dead