Some people proudly let their freak flag fly, while others tend to keep it all on the down low.  But, one thing is for sure, there are some pretty freaky fetishes out there. Let's dive into 5 weird ones.

Girls in Diapers

Apparently, there is a strong fetish out there for adult girls in diapers. Basically, hot girls throw on a diaper and dance around all sexy like, and some people like to get their jollies off on it. I had heard some pretty taboo stuff was out there as far as people dressing up and acting like babies, but never heard girls in diapers was a big thing. The scientific term for this is called Autonepiophilia. Now you know.


Being Dirty

Some people love to literally get dirty.  While other people like to be fresh before a sexual encounter, others like getting filthy dirty or making their partner dirty. This is called Salirophilia. Whether you like to smear dirt, makeup or pizza sauce on someone, or tearing someones clothes up, being dirty or getting others dirty is a weird, but true, fetish.

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Mannequin Love

Ever seen the movie 1987 movie Mannequin?  Basically it's about a dude that builds a mannequin and she comes to life and they fall in love. Well, in real life, there are people out there that really do like mannequins - and by like, I mean they really, really like their mannequins. It doesn't stop at mannequins either. People that have this fetish, or Agalmatophilia, may not only have a love for mannequins, but for statues and dolls as well. If only Barbie were anatomically correct, right?

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Criminal Love

Hybristophilia is the act of being with someone strictly because they are a criminal. In some cases, those criminals are still locked up. Now, more times than not, this fetish occurs with women. In fact, it's more commonly known as the 'Bonnie and Clyde' syndrome.

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Attraction to Cars or Machines

Look, I have had several cars that I have loved. But, there is a difference between loving your car and LOVING your car. Mechanophilia, or Mechaphilia is a sexual attraction to cars, bicycles, washing machines, or other mechanical items and gadgets. Some countries even count this as a criminal act and make you register as a sex offender for getting busted for "doing it" with a machine.

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So, there you have it. A look at 5 weird fetishes. Now, I'm not knocking any of you out there that might have one or all of these fetishes. I'm just simply pointing them out to us less informed.

What is a weird fetish that you, or someone you know, may have, or that you have heard of?