Last night, my wife and I were doing some channel surfing  when we landed on  National Geographic and caught this show called 'Taboo'.   Now, being in radio for a long time, I've seen some crazy ass stuff, but this particular segment, blew my mind!  This dude thinks he is a baby!  WTH?

So, yeah, this dude not only thinks he is a baby, but he has all the baby stuff including crib, diaper, bottle feeding - the whole works! What a loser!

I sat watching this crap with my mouth wide open.  I mean I can certainly understand that there are people out there with mental problems, but this guy seems to speak very well when he is not in "baby mode'' and knows exactly what he is doing.  He even made his own crib and wears a diaper.  What a freak!  I'm sorry if you might think I'm too hard on this guy, but for crying out loud, he is need of a reality check in the worst way - or maybe even an ass kicking.

Yes, there are those that have those fetishes out there to include some pretty twisted stuff, but this, I think, is far from a fetish - it's just jacked up and I can't believe I actually watched the whole thing.  I didn't know whether to laugh, be mad or what.  Apparently, this jackhole is also collecting money from disability.  He can make his own baby furniture and stuff, but can't go to work? Incredible.

So, taboo or not taboo?  That's a dang good question.  I think this guy is an idiot.

Check out the video for yourself now.