The holidays are here. We're planning winter trips, shopping, big feasts, and visits from Santa. What we typically don't plan for is the gratuitous 'Happy Holidays' group text from many of our friends. You know what I'm talking about. The text from the friend that feels like they must wish you good greetings but are too lazy to send the message to each person individually.

Granted, that's the beauty of technology, we can send a group text and be done with it. The downside is that there are people that send group texts to hundreds of people and once those people respond to the sender, we're then stuck on a group message that doesn't pertain to us anymore. I can count countless of times, including this past Thanksgiving, that I was on the receiving end of all of those other people's replies to the sender. But, because I was on the group text, I got the reply too. Unless there's some magic button you can push, there's no way of leaving a group text, which means you're phone will drain until that very last person responds.

My weekly rant is over my hatred of the group text. Enjoy.