So apparently in LA on Hollywood Boulevard, especially in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater, the trend is for people to dress up as movie, tv, cartoon, or superhero characters and let people take pictures with them. They make their money hoping for tips. Now I don’t think this is a regulated business so just about anyone with enough cash for a costume can work the streets. Which means that some of the people can get a little overzealous when wanting their tip, for essentially doing nothing. I’m assuming this Spongebob didn’t have the spirit of Bikini Bottom in him when he got into a fight with 2 ladies, and lost. Of course you have to realize that 1, the girls were fighting a guy wearing a giant sponge costume so he probably didn’t feel a thing, and 2, if you just push them down they’re like turtles and can’t get off their backs very quick. Then you just walk away having saved face, and not beaten up a million kids’ favorite cartoon sponge.