When you think of West Texas, football should be the first thing that comes to mind. Nothing is bigger than football, not even the belt buckle or mullet.

In every crowd of football fans is an 'expert'. You know that person. The one who can't stop talking about he or she has picked the winners each week or how they should be the coach. Well, we decided to gather a few of these 'experts' for a weekly pick'em challenge.

Last week, the boss lady, Karen Hines ran away with the best record. What are the chances she repeats as the weekly winner? Chaz has the season lead but it's close so it's still anyone's game to win.

Each week we'll feature various area high school, college and pro games to see how good these 'experts' really are. Leave your comments here each week and see if you know more than the 'experts'.

Our experts are:

This Week's GamesFrank PainChaz McGuireChris SanchezTrace MichaelsKaren HinesMike Skow
Season Record21-823-621-822-721-821-8
Odessa High vs CooperCooper CooperCooperCooperCooperCooper
Lubbock Estacado vs WylieWylieWylieWylieWylieWylieWylie
Sweetwater vs BrownwoodSweetwaterBrownwoodBrownwoodBrownwoodSweetwaterBrownwood
UT vs Oklahoma StateUTUTTexasUTUTUT
Tech vs Iowa StateTechIowa StateTechTechTechTech
McMurry vs Okla. Panhandle StateMcMurryOPSUOPSUMcMurryMcMurryMcMurry
Titans vs TexansTexansTexansTexansTexansTexansTexans
Bears vs. CowboysBearsCowboysBearsBearsCowboysCowboys
Last Week's Record6-36-35-47-28-17-2