Kent Nishimura, Getty Images

Recently, the NFL announced that they might be getting rid of the NFL Pro Bowl mainly because players seemed to just lay down on the job - some even literally.  Recently, I conducted a poll to find out if you think the Pro Bowl should get the axe, and it looks like most of you are cool with it going away. 

According to my poll, 57% of Abilene wants to get rid of the annual event, while 43% of you said to keep it, but just change the way it's played.

Personally, I agree with keeping it, but changing it up.  I mean, I like to see the best of the best going head to head, but I want see them actually play.  I get why the players are going half speed because, after all, football is a hard hitting sport.  And,after 16 games in a season, not to mention playoffs if their team is lucky enough to get in, the game starts to take it's toll on the human body.

So, the players don't want to get hurt.  I get that.  After all, they have families to feed and all of that.  But, they get paid 100 times more than the average worker.  If we, as employees went half speed at our job, what would happen?  Exactly. We'd probably get the axe ourselves.

To me, these guys were voted in as the best, so why not play like the best?  Enough of this half speed crap, play some football! Or, just completely get rid of it.

So what are some things that could be done to make it a little safer for the players and let the fans get a good game to watch at the same time?  Make a shorter game, let the cheerleaders play, or what?

Share your thoughts below.