The AFC defeated the NFC, 59-41 in the 2012 Pro Bowl.  I don't know why, but I watched it again this year and it did not fall below my expectations...which were that it was going to be just another boring game.Year after year, the Pro Bowl continues to disappoint.  This is a game that is supposed to have the very best of the NFL in it, yet, they play as if they are having a pillow fight or something.  This year was as pathetic as I've ever seen.  The offensive and defensive lineman looked like they were dancing with each other while receivers were jogging into their routes as the defensive backs practically ushered them to the ball.

Heck, even the announcers were calling for them to step it up!

I mean, I know that these players,  that make millions of dollars, don't want to get hurt and jeopardize the following season...especially if they are in a contract year the next year.

I get that, but, come on, man!

There is a reason why we turn in to watch football in the first place.  We like to see two teams battle it out on the gridiron with nothing on their minds but a win.  We like the bone crushing hits, the drama, the scheming, and the agony of defeat.  We like to see the competitive nature of these gladiators that have a mentality to defeat their opponent, at all costs, to get the grand prize.

The players, in my opinion just don't have any heart in these games.  They get their money and call it a year.  (Winner gets 50 grand, and the loser gets 25 grand, plus both teams get a free trip to Hawaii) I'm not saying they don't deserve the trip and money and all of that, but, dang it, I want to see a freakin' football game!  Call it selfish, but I feel if they get paid millions to play football, they should play it with heart and urgency every time they step on that football field because  doing these half-assed Pro Bowls are a waste of time,  and blows up the integrity of the game of football.

I don't think I'm alone in the way I felt about it.  In fact, here are a just a couple of tweets under #probowl.

Trust me, there are a lot more out there which just backs up my point even more.

Eventually, with the game (not to mention the money) on the line, it actually turned into a game with Brandon Marshall getting the MVP nod with his 4 TD's.

Here is a recap of the Pro Bowl in pictures, plus I included a video of highlights.

Pro Bowl Pictures

Pro Bowl Highlights

So, did you watch the Pro Bowl this year? Do you think the Pro Bowl is boring? Feel free to leave your comments below.