It's one thing to get into a Nerf battle at the house with the kids. But what if you had a chance to get into the world's largest Nerf battle? That's exactly what's going down at AT&T Stadium.

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Jared's Epic Blaster Battle will be at 'The House Jerry Built' on August 11 for the most incredible foam blaster battle of all time. The event is so big that it's actually in the Guinness Book of World Records for the 'Largest Toy Pistol Fight'.

The event was recognized by Guinness World Records as the “World's Largest Toy Blaster Fight” in 2016 and the record still stands to this day. 4,000 participants battle amongst 100+ large obstacles on the field of the world's most valuable sports franchise inside of a billion-dollar climate-controlled arena.(Jared's Epic Blaster Battle)

The cool thing? Besides being able to fire off Nerf guns at each other, you'll be battling it out on the actual field where the Dallas Cowboys play. Obstacles will be set up for providing cover during your epic battle. Maybe you'll have better luck than the Cowboys do on the field. I'm kidding, I love the Cowboys. But, check out this setup.

Jared's Epic Blaster Battle
Jared's Epic Blaster Battle

Looks pretty cool, right? Just imagine, a Nerf battle with 4,000 people running around a hundred obstacles for the ultimate toy gun experience. And it won't cost much to check out this epic game of Nerf skills. In fact, the experience costs the same as the guided tour through AT&T stadium.

Your ticket includes a "Self Guided Stadium Tour" so you are free to roam around the stadium, check out the locker rooms and cheerleader areas, and see the many amazing sights inside. This ticket alone is normally $35 per adult. (

Here's what you get with your ticket

  • Entry to participate in a 4-hour series of more than 15 amazing foam-flinging battles like never before!
  • Play with your own blaster toys on a NFL Stadium Field!
  • Access to AT&T Stadium Self Guided Tour!
  • Photo Op with Guinness World Record Earned in 2016!
  • Meet your favorite Toy Blaster YouTube Celebrities
  • Hands on with prototype Toy Blasters!
  • Hands on with pre-release Toy Blaster items announced but not yet available to the public!
  • Entry into the Blaster Battle Costume Contest with $1000 in Cash Prizes!
  • Exclusive merchandise, collectibles, surprises and more!

Check out the video of a past battle

I think this could be cooler than the other side of the pillow. Maybe I can get some of my co-workers and friends to battle with me? Ah, who am I kidding, I'd probably shoot my eye out. I digress.

If you need tickets or other info, check out

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