A sign that I'm getting old is that when the weekend approaches I now think of what I'm going to watch on TV as opposed to what bar or party I'm going to. Well, as I was thinking about catching up watching Dirty Jobs (my DVR has about 10 episodes I haven't seen) then I started thinking how many of those 'dirty jobs' you see on the show exist in the Abilene area.

My buddy,  Steve Savage, owner Stinky Steve's Septic and Grease, has a pretty dirty job but he loves his job and I love keeping up with his dirty job on Facebook. Trust me, this man does what most of us don't have the stomach for...he cleans septic tanks and grease traps and judging by some of his pictures, it's pretty dang dirty.

That's just 1 example of some of the seriously dirty jobs in Abilene, but I'm sure there are many, many more.

Do you have a dirty job? We'd love to know what you do and see a picture of how dirty your job actually is.